There are hundreds of P2P lending plaforms made available from all over the world, all of them want to offer you the best investment opportunities in town. You’ve got a hard time finding truly good platforms that gives you good yields, good technology to manage your portfolio? You are not alone. That being said, you alsodon’t want to get yourself into P2P lending scams that are so sophisticated out there. When  I first started with P2P lending seven years ago, this was one of my biggest struggle. Since you don’t know what you were getting into. At that time we don’t have all this support from other experienced P2P lenders to ask for tips and advice.

Here, with my humble knowledge and experience also my loss (time and money) from trying and investing in various platforms, I will help you out of this struggle. Here the best platforms so far that gives me good passive income with peace of mind.

The list here I will be updating along the way when there is something new and hot coming up. The information is relevant at the time this post being written.

10 best P2P lending platforms from Europe for all the passive income makers out there.


If you like real estate investment in secured loans: