P2P lending in Asia: DoFinance opens for investors from Asia

Good news for investors from Asia! Now you are able to invest in P2P lending in Europe with ease. DoFinance just made announcement on 24 July to become an investment gates for investors in Asia to diversify their portfolio to European market.

P2P lending in Europe is like 12 year old kid whereas in Asia it is like a newborn baby with limited available platforms. And finding of good P2P lending platforms can be found in Asia is like finding pearl in the sea, that is understandable they are too new. Besides, most countries do not have transparent, comprehensive credit available ratings from credible organisations with Singapore and Hong Kong are exceptions. As inventors we find a hard time assessing the risks carried with the loans we are to lend to our peers. Data talks, no data no talk. It is perceived to be highly risky to make P2P loans here.

However, Asia has high potential for fintech developments as alternative to traditional finance. In another case, it is Government regulations that make it difficult for everyone to invest in P2P lending in Asia unless you are a verified investors with $500k to $1 M, whereas in Europe everyone can invest in this industry regardless of how much they have as long as they want to invest.

Screenshot: DoFinance newsletter July 2017

Despite the current challenges and unattractiveness of P2P lending in Asia, it is still a hot sweet pot to keep a keen eye on.With growing economies, we will see much more interesting opportunities over the next 10 years with P2P lending in Asia. So for now, investing in EU-based platforms seems to be a good decision.

Back to DoFinance, they are founded in 2015, head office is based in Riga, Latvia – same city with Mintos.

Dofinance offer loans with interest up to 12% with new loan volume approximately 1.755 M euroTheir platform is clean, clear and easy to use with good investor relations. To be honest, we are a big fan of Mintos and Bondora compared DoFinance. However, as investors we all know “Don’t put all eggs in one basket”, so we seek other good in the new platform. And we are doing well with it.