Bondora Portfolio Pro Guide: P2P lending makes easier

Bondora just announced it has made new auto-invest feature on its platform Bondora Portfolio Pro available to all investors after Beta version which was limited offer to some investors for testing. It allows you to create multiple porfolios with different investment strategies based on your own terms and conditions.

What can Portfolio Pro do for you?
  • Investment size calculation
  • Freedom to over-ride the variables in the investment size formula (at your own discretion, of course)
  • More liquidity by options to split portfolio for multiple smaller bids
  • Control over risk-return strategy
  • Visualisation of existing loan distribution for better estimates
  • Ability to trade in Secondary market

In the last article, we already walk you through step by step on how the the interface and user experience with Bondora Portfolio Pro . In case you missed it, here is the link:

Bondora Portfolio Pro User Guide

Okay so you have seen it, heard it from investor’s view. There is a short guilde made available on Bondora support page, refer to it to see what else more they are offering with this feature to make the your best investment possible. Check it out.

Screenshot from Bondora Portfolio Pro User Guide