Bondora Portfolio Pro feature: what’s really inside?

Bondora just announced their new feature ‘Bondora Portfolio Pro’ which gives investors more power and control over their investment portfolio.  Investors are now able to choose flexibly their own terms and conditions for different porfolio with investment strategies. It’s good to see that Bondora really listens to what investors say and fulfill the needs with speed. The Portfolio Pro is still in Beta phase, now let’s see what Bondora has to offer inside this new feature.

Announcement of new feature Portfolio Pro Beta

Here is the user interface of Bondora Portfolio Pro Beta

This portfolio manger tool allows you to choose your own terms and conditions for multiple portfolio such as countries you want to invest in, Bondora rating, how long you want to invest, maximum amount you want to give per loan.

Example here we choose to invest in Estonia, Spain, Finland, with all Bondora rating from AA to HR, loan duration up to 60 months. And we want to give maximum 80 euro per loan.

Screenshot: Set your own investment criterias


On the right column, Bondora shows the results or overview of portfolios matching our set criteria.

Portfolio summary we can see ROI from 12.91% – 20.91% and we can make 1.464 investment per month, number of matching loans per month value at 62.167 euro.

The three charts in Total potential investment per month shows the investment distribution based on countries, interests, loan maturity respectively.

Screenshot – Matching investment portfolio results

Okay that is just something very general on how this function works. What if we want to be more specific with our criteria like we want to decide the interest rate we want to have instead of choosing Bondora rating and have to with the interest associated with the rating.

Screenshot: Add more rules to your investment portfolio

Bondora Portfolio Pro Beta also enables us to do so. Cool! Let’s see here. Now we click +Add rules on the bottom left, there are more criteria to choose from like interest, portfolio limit, bid size, spare cash balance.

Okay we will choose to set interest rate from 11% – 250% (insane I know). Bondora rating: AA, A, B, C, D – the really good and mehh ones. We want loan duration from  3 – 36 months. Max invsetment per borrower ias at 600 euro.

Screenshot: Set different criterias for investment portfoliosaf

After we set all terms and conditions we want our portfolio to be like, now we Start investing. Here you see the portfolio result. And the great thing is, this is just ONE portfolio. You can set many different criterias for multiple portfolios to have the best investment strategies.

Screenshot: Your investment portfilio with matching criterias

So we will have 3 more different portfolios. Here’s what we got in total.

Since Bondora Portfolio Pro is Beta version, not all investor will get to use it and we will see bugs for sureand improvements over time.