We are a team of global nomads currently based in Europe and Asia. We are the guys from Europe with 25 years experience in business. We first started our logistics company while studying and succesfully exit to start another business in heavy machinery. We were able to scale and exit to fully transform to live a life of global nomads with passive income through our investments.

Our investment portfolio varies across industries from traditional stock options, funds to innovative tech start-ups.

However our favorites are P2P lending, start-up venture captical, crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies. We are passionate about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and blockchain technology which are the two drives to the future and their application. We are tech & business savvy in a way that allows us to make sensible business decisions to seek freedom and fully live our lives.

We are just here to help you with your journey to passive income to seek happiness through financial and geographical freedoom.

We only write about what we already experienced in or invested in to give you the best actionable advice.

What you can find on OFH.com?

  • Investment knowledge and insights
  • Tips, News about P2P lending & passive income techniques
  • Investment opportunities
  • Investment strategies across physical and digital assets
  • Advice & perspectives of 25 year business experience
  • Guides to your geographical freedom through second passport/residency